Monday, 6 September 2010

Mini Update

Unfortunately there will only be a mini shop update this week. I’ve made a huge boo-boo and ordered my undyed BFL/nylon a little later than usual and sadly it didn’t arrive in time for this weekend’s dyeing. I usually buy all my undyed yarn bases as and when I need them, but I’ve learnt my lesson now, and so that this doesn’t happen again I’m keeping a surplus stock!

However, I did have a small stock of 100% Organic Merino left, which I have dyed up for part of this update. This is gorgeous, soft and bouncy yarn. If you’re heavy on your socks, and prefer extra nylon for strength, don’t forget this yarn will also make lovely gloves, hats, scarves……why not try something different ? I ALSO have some sale yarn in BFL/nylon all listed below too.

Okay, first the 100% Organic Merino, these are all variegated, although Plum Pudd does knit up into a stripey 'effect' of 1-2 rows of knitting (shown in the photo).
Myriad - So many colours, I don't know where to begin!
100% Organic Merino - Variegated
Hot Pink Lime - Bright Pink and Acid Lime
100% Organic Merino - Variegated

Plum Pudd - Pinky Purples
Will knit up in a 'stripey effect' as
shown above.
100% Organic Merino
Next my sale BLF/nylon yarn.  In the sale because it's got a naughty knot :(  All these will knit up into mini 4 row stripes. I’m currently using this 4-row striped yarn for my Choco-Strawberry Ice socks – see side panel for a photo.

Rock Pool - Bright Turquoise and dark Charcoal Grey - 4 row stripes
75% Bluefaced Leicester/25% Nylon
Fruit Salad - Bright Pink and Acid Yellow - 4 row stripes
75% Bluefaced Leicester/25% Nylon

Conch - Dark Charcoal and light Coral Pink - 4 row stripes
75% Bluefaced Leicester/25% Nylon
Just in case you're wondering.....I find my mini stripes easier to wind into skeins than my usual balls!  So, don't worry, more balls next week :)

Finally two more stripy sale BFL/Nylon colourways to add but I've not yet balled them up/photographed them.  These are Cranberry Juice in wide 12 row stripes and Mad Hatter, knitting up into 3 stripes each 6 rows wide (see the Sold items in my shop for both colourways).  These will be added to the shop in the next day or two.

Full descriptions of all yarn is listed in the shop. Apologies this is such a ‘bitty’ update, but all should be back on track next week ;)


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Whoops I've done it again.....

I'm so sorry folks, but I just can't seem to get my act together!  My intention was to blog BEFORE I updated my shop, but it seems demand calls for me updating the shop first! ;)  I'm finding it soooo difficult to do both after a weekend of intensive dyeing, so many apologies, but pictured below 'WAS' this week's update!  There may still be some yarn left.......however, if not, please convo me on Etsy and if there is a colourway you would really like, I will do my best to dye it up for you and reserve it in the shop for you in the next week or so.

It's looking like updates will be on a Tuesday or Wednesday - I can't set an exact day as it's usually as soon as the yarn is dry and balled up!

I also have some more Sale yarn (narrow stripes) and variegated yarn coming into the shop over the weekend, so please keep checking my shop ;)

A big hug to everyone buying my yarn :)