Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunny Shop Updates

I'm sitting here in the sunshine typing this blog post.  It is truly wonderful having this heat wave here in the UK, for once I feel as if I've had a summer! 

Life has been a bit hectic recently and very up and down over the last few weeks, I've had a funeral, a 21st (not mine!) and I've been busy with both shops.  I'm trying to find time for knitting, crocheting, my art work and I also want to lose myself in a really good book.  There really are just not enough hours in the day - I need to win the lotto and give up work!

Below are the latest new colourways to Twisted Limone and I've added a few more earring designs to Silver Moonflowers today.
Tangy Self Striping Sock Yarn in Gothic Rainbow - new 13.07.13
Gothic Rainbow

Tangy Self-Striping Sock Yarn in Mountain Moon - new 13.07.13
Mountain Moon

A few new designs at Silver Moonflowers.
Have a lovely sunny day.

Karen :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Silver Moonflowers

What a beautiful day here in sunny England today - it really lifts the spirits.  I'm off work and very much looking forward to stuffing my little face at a family barbeque later!

I've been busy today re-launching Silver Moonflowers.  It has been a long time since I've made any jewellery for the shop.  Recently I've become hooked on bead weaving and I've incorporated this into some of my wire earring designs.  I'm super pleased with these designs - I've made a few for myself and have had nothing but compliments! 

Boho inspired, these earrings look great dressed up or down.  I'm wearing a pair today, very similar to the peach swirls below, and they look perfect with my peach skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and gold gladiator sandals :) 

Keep checking the shop, I'm going to be adding more designs regularly each week :)


Monday, 1 July 2013

A Flowery Update

Nothing wildly exciting has been happening in my crafty little world recently, which is why my blog hasn't been updated as much recently.  I haven't picked up the needles or crochet hook for months, so sadly my current projects remain dormant.  My main focus continues to be Twisted Limone and the weekly Saturday updates.  Dyeing, winding and packaging takes up much of my time during the week.  There continues to be a little splurge of new colourways.  I tend to be crazy with ideas during the summer months!
Tangy SelfStriping Sock Yarn in Safari by TwistedLimoneDesigns - New 22.06.13
Tangy SelfStriping Sock Yarn in Sherbet Dip by TwistedLimoneDesigns - New 29.06.13
Not to be confused with Sweet as Candy - there is a subtle difference,
a peach stripe replaces the white one.
Tangy SelfStriping Sock Yarn in A Touch of Lime by TwistedLimoneDesigns - New 15.06.13
Tangy SelfStriping Sock Yarn in Mardi Gras by TwistedLimoneDesigns - New 15.06.13
Tangy SelfStriping Sock Yarn in Key Lime Pie by TwistedLimoneDesigns - new 01.06.13

The inspiration behind my colours comes largely from nature, food or anything in the environment which inspires me - this could be anything from a piece of fabric or a picture in a magazine.  Mostly, though, my ideas come from flowers and when anything catches my eye I snap away for future reference!

One day I will treat myself to a macro lens, but for now I'm reasonably happy with the effect I'm getting from a bog standard lens :)

I'm continuing to work on the re-launch of Silver Moonflowers, my Etsy earring shop.  I'm hoping to have lots of lovely new earring designs in the next month or two.  Next to knitting and crocheting, making jewellery is something I adore and is another outlet for expressing my love of colour!  More about this in a future blog, along with a sneaky peak at some designs.