Sunday, 28 April 2013

Red Paisley

Swoon. . . . . I just adore this Cath Kidston fabric.  Sadly, it seems it is not that easy to get hold of.  I managed to get hold of a small piece from Ebay a few weeks ago.  I'm deliberating what to make with it. . . . . I'm picturing a cushion with a red crocheted back and a lacey trim. . . . . . hmmmm.

Look at this gorgeous bag too!  Sadly Cath Kidston and ASOS no longer stock it :(

However, this beautiful piece of fabric is the inspiration for a new yarn colourway, which I dyed up yesterday (5 stripes in pink, red, light blue, white and pale green). This should be in the shop in the next few weeks.  Watch this space


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