Monday, 27 May 2013

New Colourways

I've been brimming with new ideas for stripy combinations recently, a few have been introduced to the shop over the last few weeks.  This weekend Sweet as Candy and Flower Strewn made an appearance, these have now sold but don't worry more to come soon.  Pictured down below, Floating By is another new one, which will be in the shop on Saturday. 
7 stripes in deep magenta, pale magenta, yellow, aqua, deep violet, green and red

5 stripes in pretty pastel shades of yellow, aqua, mint, white and pale pink. 

5 stripes in bright grass green, aqua, acid lime and turquoise
(available on Saturday, 1 June)
 I frequently get asked if I'm still taking custom requests, and yes I am.  I no longer put custom slots up in the shop, but tend to do requests as and when I'm asked and then invoice via PayPal.  Just convo me via Etsy and I'll answer as soon as I can.


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