Friday, 14 August 2009

Gadget Girl

I love my knitting gadgets, anything to make my life easier! Pictured is my newest purchase. I have been itching to get one of these for ages, mainly because I seem to be using charts more and more these days and Post-It notes lose their sticky and are constantly falling off!
I'm using it for my current Glynis project (although that's not Glynis pictured, it's one of the designs I'm currently working on and test knitting). The little magnets keep your chart in place and there's a magnetic strip for following the rows. The pocket in the side is very handy for bits and pieces and it also comes with a pen. I purchased it from P2tog; you can get it a little cheaper elsewhere, but their Zauberball is a reasonable price at the moment (as it the postage) so that's what swung it! ;) The service and extremely swift delivery is a bonus too!


  1. What a clever gadget! I nipped over to P2tog's site and noticed they have two sizes. Which one is yours? I'm thinking the larger one is more of an A4 size holder but its a bit difficult to tell from the picture.Another thing to add to my wish list:-)

  2. Hi Elaine, mine is the smaller size. It's about A4 size folded out. I wanted to carry it around with me when I go away etc, so I didn't want the big one!