Tuesday, 4 August 2009

My New 'Swift'

Well okay, it's a bit crude, but it works! Loath to shell out over £40 for a 'proper' one and fed up using the backs of chairs, my knees and my husband, I had a small brain wave. The dumbbells are heavy enough to stay put and because they're plastic coated the yarn unwinds smoothly around them, with a little helping hand from me now and again, and it then feeds into my ball winder on my desk above. So, I've spent a very therapeutic afternoon winding up the last of my hand-dyed skeins. Job done!

How colourful they all look. Now they're all ready to be knitted up into lovely socks......that's the fun bit! ;)


  1. Wow! That's a lot of yarn - you have been busy dyeing!I love the improvised swift - necessity usually is the mother of invention. When we are desperate enough we can find solutions:-))

    Any sock patterns in mind or have you any new patterns designed to show us soon?

  2. Arrghh...I must get my current WIPs finished first, before starting any more socks! But there are definitely more Cookie A socks and my designs in the pipeline soon! :)