Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pre Launch Shop Blog

Tomorrow is definitely launch day, come rain or shine! EVEN if I only manage to list a few items ;) Today's blog is another little taster of the knitterly delights I will be listing in the shop.

Mini Felted Bags
What a pleasure these little bags were to make. Easy and quick to knit up, it was the felting that took the most effort and elbow grease. I prefer to felt by hand in order to get the texture 'just right' and managed to worked up quite a sweat! Here is where my sewing skills came in; the bags are fully lined and I have hand-sewn on the flowers and beading to the front. I haven't done much sewing for a while and found it surprisingly therapeutic.

These pretty little bags are perfect as presents; I gave one to my mum for Mother's Day and popped inside a lovely scented soap, with a bath bomb and one of my hand-knitted wash cloths - it went down very well......

.......and I've also recently discovered they make the perfect knitting project bags; for small knits such as socks and gloves. They are the perfect size for holding a ball of yarn, sock needles and the little necessities, such as a tape measure, stitch markers etc. With no awkward fasteners, such as zips etc, you can just pop in your knitting and go!

Wash/Spa Cloths
Finally my little wash cloths. Made from pure cotton these cloths come in lovely clean and vibrant colours and make the perfect little gift or just to say 'thank you'. I'm selling them as wash/spa cloths, but they would also make great dish cloths too. They come in two designs, in a set of two, and are tied together with a pretty ribbon.

Now all I need to do is get all this up on my shop....I suspect I'll be very busy for the next 24 hours ;) Right! I'd better get cracking!

Karen :)


  1. What a lovely present! Your felted bags are adorable! Perfect for knitting or a spa collection. I always think hand knitted cloths are too good for dishes;))

  2. Thank you again :) I hope to add more colours to the mini felted bags (lovely bright ones of course!), depending on how well they sell ;) You're right, hand knitted cloths are far too good for scrubbing dishes! x