Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunny Shop Updates

I'm sitting here in the sunshine typing this blog post.  It is truly wonderful having this heat wave here in the UK, for once I feel as if I've had a summer! 

Life has been a bit hectic recently and very up and down over the last few weeks, I've had a funeral, a 21st (not mine!) and I've been busy with both shops.  I'm trying to find time for knitting, crocheting, my art work and I also want to lose myself in a really good book.  There really are just not enough hours in the day - I need to win the lotto and give up work!

Below are the latest new colourways to Twisted Limone and I've added a few more earring designs to Silver Moonflowers today.
Tangy Self Striping Sock Yarn in Gothic Rainbow - new 13.07.13
Gothic Rainbow

Tangy Self-Striping Sock Yarn in Mountain Moon - new 13.07.13
Mountain Moon

A few new designs at Silver Moonflowers.
Have a lovely sunny day.

Karen :)

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