Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Finished Project: Granny Square Cushion

All finished.  I'm rather proud of this as it is my first crochet project.  I've attempted to crochet for many years, just could not get the hang of it but now BINGO!  I'm hooked!

Meet my Jack Russell 'Terrors', Scruff and Buddy, who are both rather partial to curling up on my new granny square cushion.  They love it as much as me!  (Cushion is pictured in the background being pieced together).
For the cushion I used a very easy (perfect for beginners!) granny square from Purl Soho.  I used Cygnet Superwash Merino DK (100% wool) purchased from Modern Knitting in Gold, Kingfisher and White.
More crochet to come soon (and of course knitting) and time to be a bit more adventurous........... 

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