Sunday, 24 March 2013

Work(s) in Progress

Currently on the needles and also, now that I've started crocheting, on the hook as well. I can't seem to knit one project at at time, life would be so much easier if I did.

Firstly, this sock project I started way back in August 2010. I designed this pattern using a stitch pattern I found in one of the Harmony stitch dictionaries. It's knitted up using Wollmeise yarn, in the Saffran colourway - it's working out well, this yarn is great for showing stitch definition. Poorly neglected project I'm afraid, I've got second sock syndrome with this one. Need to get back in the groove.

Next up this little Fair isle baby vest.  I'll blog about the pattern and yarn I'm using when it's all finished.
Once I get stuck into this it should knit up in no time, I've just got side-tracked by my recent discovery of crochet and my penchant towards cushions - I want to fill my house full of colourful cushions!  I've finished my Granny Squares Cushion (more about this later) and I've now begun cushion number 2.

This one is to match the colour scheme in my lounge, which is predominantly cream and taupe but I like to add splashes of colour and brighten it up with cushions and throws. Currently these 'splashes' of colour are in a limey green, coral and mustard.  The cushion I'm knitting is mainly mustard with a few thin stripes of white, green and coral.  I think it will blend in quite well.  I'll blog about this in more detail when I finish it.  Some of the soft furnishings pictured I'm afraid are not my own doings, but rather purchases from Next.  Very lazy of me, I know.

Thank you to everyone who purchased yarn in yesterday's update. There may be one ball of self-striping left, but don't forget if you want a change my variegated yarn is nice and colourful too.  And don't forget the stitch markers if you want to treat yourself and they make a great little gift.  More will be added over Easter.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Still a little bit of snow here, but it's slowly disappearing.....

View from my spare bedroom window.

Karen :)

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