Monday, 11 March 2013

Snow in Spring

I've been off work today.  Time really flies when you're at home, it's so easy to fill a day, instead of being stuck behind a desk in front of a computer screen.  I've been dyeing yarn and catching up with custom orders, so there will be a little less for me to do this weekend! 

My new 5-stripe colourways, Squawk in particular, is proving to be very popular - I must admit Squawk is one of my favourites too - I'm a sucker for bright colours.  There should be another two in the shop in a few weeks time. 

Squawk - inspired by tropical parrot colours.
I've also wound up about 4 balls of wool in readiness for this weekend's update.  Rainbow 7-stripes and a new one called Vintage Rose (more about this one and my inspiration behind it soon).  Sooooo time-consuming dyeing stripes, but I'm sure anyone who knows about hand-dyed/self-striping yarn knows how difficult the process is!

I've been battling with Photoshop as well today, trying to get my head around it and working my way through several on-line tutorials.  I think it's starting to click into place, I'm determined to have a lovely shiney new banner for my blog before too long. 

I've also been sitting in my little workshop doing a bit of crocheting and trying to finish off my cushion.  There's about another 9-12 squares left to crochet until it's big enough to fit the large cushion pad.  I'm getting impatient, I doubt it will be finished this week.

I finally thought Spring had sprung recently, but what strange weather today........almost blizzard conditions with the howling wind and snow falling and the next minute bursts of beautiful sunshine. It's been like that all day.  I've been beavering away in my workshop watching it swirling and twirling outside with one of my Jack Russells curled up next to me, so lovely being all cosy indoors.

Mother's Day on Sunday, well I was spoilt!  I received the most beautiful orchid as well as choccies and Jo Malone perfume from my daughters.  Wonderful.

There are one or two balls of yarn left from Saturday's update, as well as my stitch-markers.  Grab them while you can ;)

Carnival (variegated), Retro, Chocolate Lime and Stitch Markers

Karen ~

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