Sunday, 3 March 2013


Oh my goodness, it's been such a long time since I last posted.....I really can't believe how long it is!  Well here I am.  I'm still working very hard dyeing yarn for my Etsy shop and still loving every minute of it.  I'm never happier than when I'm crafting, dyeing, drawing, whatever.

I've recently introduced some 5 stripe colourways to my shop.  Here are a few of them........  

Find the River well as this rainbow colourway below, aptly named Rainbow!  I'm so pleased with this colourway.  I so LOVE these bright colours and couldn't wait to see it knitted up.

I'm adding some of my handmade stitch markers to the shop soon, these are really pretty, Sterling Silver and made from beautiful little semi-precious stones. These dainty little markers are made for sock and lace knitters and will fit needle size up to 3.50 mm (US 4).  This month has also seen the re-emergence of some of my variegated yarn and this will now be added regularly to the shop.

Apart from my semi-solid yarn, I've now pinned most of my colourways on Pinterest here for stripes and here for variegated.  This website is so addictive!

While I've been absent from blogging I've taught myself to crochet, and I've become extremely addicted to knitting granny squares! I just adore all the different textures and colour combinations.  More of all that to come soon.

Life is good at the moment!  And Spring is on it's way, who could ask for more!

Karen ~

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