Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cor Blimey!

WOW!  I updated the shop yesterday and before I even got the chance to blog about it most of it had been snapped up! ;)  Cor blimey, I'm completely bowled over :)  Thank you all you lovely people :)  So, I guess I'll just have to blog about what is left....pictured below.  This includes yarn from the last few updates.       

Summer Daze

Chocolate Mint

Periwinkle (sale)
Crystal Waters

As a little bit of light relief from all that time-consuming winding of striped yarn, I have been working on some bright and eye-popping variegated yarn, which I will be adding to the shop over the weekend.  So far, these are in my vivid colourways of Viola, Aztec and Carnival.  This range of yarn is called 'Variegated Brights'.  THERE WILL BE MORE - watch out for them! :)

Sneak preview...

Have a lovely weekend :)



  1. Heeeeeeeeee! Tis your own fault you know for making such fabulous colourways! ♥

  2. I agree with Willa! You also got a good bit of publicity recently :D Did you know you were mentioned in a podcast? A friend of mine saw my Carnival yarn and I told her how great it was so she bought a ball herself and she puts out a podcast and showed her purchase off. She probably mentioned it to you, but just encase-

  3. Ah thank you Willa! Twinkle, twinkle little star :)

    WOW thank you for that link Sarah :) I did know I might get a mention but I didn't know it had gone 'live' yet. Fame at last! WOO HOO ;)

  4. I'm actually knitting with the Chesire Cat yarn now so you'll be getting mentioned on the next two podcasts as well. Just so you know :)
    Also, I'm loving knitting with the yarn (you may have noticed that I got two more balls last week. Thank you for such a lovely product!