Sunday, 15 August 2010

Naughty Little Knots!

This is a little interim blog post to mention I have just added a new SALE section to my shop. You know those really irritating little knots you sometimes find in hand-dyed yarn? Grrrr! This unfortunately does occasionally happen from time to time. Sometimes they can go undetected, but if eagle-eyed old me spots one I just can't ignore the pesty little blighters. It's for that reason I'm offering these naughty balls at a discounted rate. Currently there is a Carnival colourway in the Sale section and a new colourway called Pixie. THERE IS ONLY ONE KNOT! Remember, the same extremely hard work goes into producing these balls of stripey loveliness, so please take pity! ;)



I have been SO busy this weekend dyeing. Thankfully the weather has been kind and all skeins are now almost dry and on target for my update next week. And no knots - hurray! I have a few Halloween stripes coming in next week, unfortunately they are a bit limited as I ran out of black dye; I did order some earlier this week, but unfortunately it didn't come in time :(



  1. Oh goodness who cares about a knot in them? Really - they knit up just as well!

  2. Ah thank you :) You always put my mind at ease and you are right; however I still find them a bliddy nuisance! ;)