Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Liquorice Allsorts?

This week's update is here. The little brief I set myself this week was to design some lovely, sexy gothic striped yarn. Well, as I was dyeing it up, all that kept popping into my head was Liquorice Allsorts. It was the colours.....not sexy at all.....I tried my hardest to dispel the image of liquorice sweets, but it just kept popping back into my head.............haunting me. Liquorice yarn was born.......

Green Liquorice
Tangy Sock Yarn in a lovely dark charcoal grey and variegated yellow and green.
The stripes are quite narrow, about 2 rows of knitting and will knit up as shown on the sample piece in the Liquorice Orange colourway, which is 64 sts, at 16 sts = 2" (2.5 cm)

Orange Liquorice
Yarn content and description is exactly as for Green Liquorice above. The test knit for both colourways is shown below.

Pink Liquorice
Tangy Sock yarn in vibrant pink and dark charcoal grey. I was unsure whether to put this yarn into the variegated category, or self striping? It does, however, knit into stripes, albeit tiny one row stripes. Here it is, with the test knit piece.

Apple Bobbing
Tangy Sock Yarn in a lovely bright apply green and pacific blue. Not quite liquorice, but this yarn knits up in little micro stripes as in Pink Liquorice above. Test piece pictured below.

I've just realised I don't have a sole photograph of Apple Bobbing, but it's the one on the far right pictured above.

Finally, my usual 0.5" (1.25 cm) bold stripes.
(Tangy Sock Yarn in a lovely shade of rich purple and limey green)

All of the above yarn will be added to the shop by Friday :) I needed an experimental break last weekend, but this weekend I will be dyeing up more of my bold, bright stripes, so keep checking back here or at Twisted Limone Designs

As always, thank you for looking :)



  1. I'd list the last two as variegated for sure, they look like knit at a different gauge/larger size that they have the potential to pool and flash (all things I love so not criticizing, just saying hehe). Fun! I'd love that first skein but I knit 72st socks for my ginormous feet so the stripes would be uber skinny :( I hope you do these again with your bigger strip pattern some time!

  2. You've been eating Liquorice Allsorts all week haven't you? Lol!

  3. great colors. I love the liquorice theme!!! The orange would be perfect for Halloween!

  4. Sarah - Yes I think you're right. Variegated would cover all options. I think if they did pool they'd be very psychedelic. This was a little experiment, basically because thinner stripes are easier to dye! These colourways will definitely be on the list for my bold stripes ;)

    Willa - All week? I was eating them as I was photographing the yarn - I think they lasted an evening! ;)

    Colorslut - That's a great idea. Will have to dye some more in time for Halloween. I'm already thinking of Christmas themes :)