Tuesday, 10 August 2010

This week's update and stuff...

I only seem to blog at the moment when I'm updating the shop! However, that will hopefully change soon once I start getting a bit more knitting done. I hate to say it, but colder weather will soon be upon us and I'm itching to see how my stripes knit up as a hat or shawl. I'm still plugging away at my Bear Hug socks and Carnival stripes (pictured in the side panel), which I should finish over the weekend.

Right , back to the update. This week all my hand dyes are in my medium 0.5" (1.25 cm) stripes and in Tangy Sock Yarn (75% BFL/25% Nylon). My Liquorice stripes were a big success last week (thank you!), so I hope to dye some more of those very soon. This week's update is biggish (well, biggish for me so don't get too excited!). I was feverishly dyeing away at the weekend to make it a bit more substantial than last week. I've gradually been adding a ball or two to the shop since Monday and hope to complete it by Friday. Unfortunately, my Cheshire Cat colourway has already gone - you will have to be a it quicker next time! ;)

I have to say I have such a nightmare with this update every week, trying to download all the yarn photographs. Every time I download a photo it pings to the top of the blog and I then have to drag it down, bit by bit, to where I want it to be. It then sends everything else I've typed haywire, so I then have to go through the blog deleting the extra spaces and lining everything up again. Arrrrggghhhh! It seems you can't copy and paste the photo exactly where you want it and believe me it takes forever to keep jiggling them around! Anyone else with a blog have this problem? If there's an easy way of doing it PLEASE let me know! Needless to say, I've cheated this week and put everything in one photo! ;) SO HERE IT IS, THE UPDATE!

From the back row, left to right - Purple Rain, Conch, Fruit Salad
2nd row, left to right - Chocolate Mint and Aegean Sea
Front Row, left to right - Crocus and Busy Lizzie

and from another angle.......

There are three more self-striping yarns to add to the shop, but these are in a special section of their own. Once I've balled them up this evening I will blog about them in the next day or two.

A HUGE BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is buying my yarn and keeping me merrily dyeing away every weekend :) It keeps me very happy and out of mischief ;)



  1. Thank you so much for my yarn. It showed up last night and is PERFECT! I love the colors.

  2. Lovely yarn, Karen!

    I will be buying some of your fab self-striping loveliness soon .....

    As for blog formatting, I know exactly what you mean. After you've composed your post try putting your post into Edit HTML mode, cutting the chunk of code with the desired picture in (it's quite clear - just make sure you grab all of it) and then still in Edit HTML mode paste it where you want it.

    Sounds complex I know so just try a test post with one photo and one paragraph of text. This way you'll get a feel for what the block of photo code looks like.

    I hope that helps.

    Laura x

  3. Ugh I can't imagine the headache you've been having blogging! I use WordPress on my own domain and just use flickr to post pictures, it's been the easiest thing for me to do.

    Also. You are going to kill me with these stripes! My wallet is gonna burst into flame. I've been skeining yarn to get ready to dye Christmas stripes for a LYS sock club, I'm their dyer for Nov/Dec. Fun times :D

  4. Colorslut - Great, thank you! :) Glad you received it okay.

    Laura - Have pm'd you ;)

    Sarah - Yikes! Christmas stripes! I'm not quite that organised, I need to get some Halloween ones together first. Good luck with your stripes and don't let your wallet self-combust! ;)